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What is your favorite treestand and why?
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8pointduck I use the Old Man,tree stand.It's a climber and uses a guarded cable to hold you up.It's never failed me and with the netting seat it's comfortable for long sits.Drop-Shot
Hey DP , thats mine too! I have a vision, the best stand I have. I have bought others but they don't compare to my Ol' man...
hey 8 point,Is it true 2 people can get in the old man vision?I have a friend down south that swears he and his girl friend gets in his and hunts(I not sure what else can get accomplised in that limited space)They both tell everybody they hunt together in that stand.Drop-Shot
Loggy Bayou, I've had it for a couple of years and shot many bucks out of it. If I had to get another one I'm not sure which one i would choose b/c it seems as though there are so many on the market.
DS I don't think so!Even in a grand vision they wouldn't have enough room.
My next stand will be a Multi-vision for sure................
Just bought another Ol-Man vision today. I couldnt pass up the deal . It is a used stand ,but barely, that I got for 55 bucks. It is in exellent shape
When you run into deals like that you have to get it,I don't run into too many deals anymore but if and when I do?I'm like you.get it!Drop-Shot
In the past I've hunted climbers,hand made ladder stands out of wood and metal. Tree platforms are nice if ya arnt breaking the law. My favorite is still huntin. I love to slip around and try and get close to the game . When I do take a stand, I like to hunt from the ground,(Cant fall any lower) :lol: .Had a good buddy with a bad back fall and get hung by his safety strap. It was about 2 hours before another friend happened by any helped him down. :oops: He still hunts out of the dang things everyyear. I like the challenge of ground huntin, but will still use a Warren and Sweat climber or a wooden hand built if bow huntin an ol biggun.
I haven't done much good on the ground. Tried it several times and didn't see any deer.
Hey 8point,when I was down south one year I bought a baker ladder stand.You climb to the top and put this chain around the back of the tree you have chosen.I was hunting a pipe line and there I was 15 feet in the air and I thought I was safe,several does were going out on the pipeline and looking back,so I knew there was a buck back off the pipeline aways so I kinda twisted my self around to see better.The ladder fell to the side,still around the tree it just fell and I landed in mud,I could not see my rifle and deer were coming up to me and sniffing and then blowing through there noses at me as if they were laughing,the buck came out of the woods and came within 2 feet of me as if concerned? or mabe confused?I was so humilated to have 10 or11 deer around me and my rifle fell on the other side of the tree.When I stood up the deer ran.I bet the deer tell stories of this thang that fell from heaven.They had there laugh I went out 8point and bought an oleMan climbing stand that next day.I have not been humilated by that ole Man stand yetSo don't listen to deer talk that blows that event all out of poportions.Drop-Shot
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Good story Drop shot :D I remember huntin the upper St.Johns wma(100,000 acres) in Florida for deer and pigs one year . Ya got to use a blow boat to get around and find hi ground to hunt. I was slipping down a ol tram grade when I hear a .50 boom (muzzle loader season) about 400 yards further down and off to the side. By the time I eased to within about 75 yards of where the shot was fired ,I saw this small framed man come up out of the bush onto the grade. He nose was bleeding, he was wet,muddy and nasty.I asked if he had gotton a deer or hog and this was his reply. Well sort of he said. I was up in my climber and heard a noise behind me, I had to stand and turn to see what it was,in the palmettos about 25 yards away I saw a nice hog I pulled up my gun and fired,dang thing knocked me out of the tree. kinda fliped out backwards,I cant seem to find the hog either. Any ideas how I might get my stand down? OH man was it hard not to laugh. I helped the guy stop the bleeding, look for his hog and hung around about an hour till one of his camp members came by.I think they brought in another climber to get his down. As far as I know he never got the hog. :wink:
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Good story hammer man,another good reason to wear a harness.Drop-Shot
:lol: I'm sorry you fell DP but that was funny. A Baker ladder, it had to be old. I havn't heard that name in any tree stand since I was a teenager..
I'm telling my age 8point.If I ever get back to montana plan on hunting elk with me.I have to warn ya up front.I snore,bad! and after 1 week I stink,I bathe in the coldest creek in montana,it don't freeze early because the water runs fast.Thats why I stink,I'd rather stink than take a bath in that creek.I always see animals but the last time I had a cow tag and only saw bulls,the year before I could only shoot spikes and I saw mostly cows.I've killed 350 lb mule deer 5X6,and a small spike in the last two years in Montana.Hope I get Better.Drop-Shot
Hey thats an idea! The only thing is when I'm very tired I snore too. After a day I stink so bathing in ice cold water will have to do.I'm used to stuff like that :) What are good calibers for elk. My largest carrying gun is a 7mm Rem mag or my BLR 30-06.
8point when I take my next elk that will be 16 and I took all with a 30/06.When a man says a 30/06 won't kill elk,ask how many he's taken.I watched a very good shot with a 270 and an instant kill,but I don't recommend the average shooter to use less than a 30/06 or the 7mm rem mag works out well also.I like the 358 I just got and have high hopes for ranges out to 200 yards.I know a guide that uses a BLR in 243 and hunts timber only and shoots for the neck,I don't feel that comfortable with any thing under 30/06.I own a 300 savage in a remington,308 in a remington,the last 2 I am working on a deal to trade.Take your pick,your best shooter in 30/06 or 7mm rem mag,each will bring home the bacon.Be sure to exercise the air is thin up there,and an 800 lb elk looks like a mountain when you walk up on a downed animal,but bring a smile.Drop-Shot
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Thats good to know that I have the tools to do it with..
hammerman I had to laugh at that guy getting knocked out of his tree stand.When I lived in west palm beach fla,we went up around ocala for a hog hunt,it was hot and the hogs hunt back.One of my friends found the only fairly large tree and climbed it to get away from a hog he shot with a 30/30.We had to make him get out of the tree by finding the dead hog about 40 yards away.They are some mean critters.Drop-Shot
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