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It is time for all of us regular working guys to put United States Outfitters out of business. They have been using their fat cat clients' $$$ to force the wildlife departments of all States to open their hunting to 40% out of State hunters. This benefits only their big bucks clients and the carion eaters at USO, not us average working guys who work hard, pay our State taxes and fees , then expect to enjoy the benefit of our fees and taxes within our own States and get into the field after the game we have helped preserve and thrive.

I am proposing a radical solution...let's close all our hunting seasons for the next two years. Nobody allowed to hunt anywhere, and we will blame it on those who are to blame...United States Outfitters and their bottom dwelling attorneys.

I know form where I speak regarding attorneys; my late father was an attorney, and none of the family had any respect for him, nor did we respect his profession...sorry dad.

It can happen to your State as it has been happening to Arizona. USO is gutting the AZ fish and game department through costly litigation and threats of even more. They are financed by Zillionaire hunters who think that you and I are are just chump nimrods who get in their way out in the field.

We cam stop them in two ways:

1. A Constitutional Amendment to remove life tenure for federal judges who are as corrupt as the ones on the Ninth Circuit Court.
2. Close down all hunting for a long enough term as to put USO out of business.

The BIG downside to #2 is that old and good sporting goods retailers and manufacturers will feel the pinch...possibly to the point of closing. BUT, who will buy their goods should only a few USO clients are left, once they force their way on us all.

A general BOYCOTT of all hunting and fishing in every way would garner a BIG way. This may sound radical, but so is the comming destruction of States Rights to govern hunting and fishing within one's own State.
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