value of a model 100

Discussion in 'Rifle ID & Value' started by hulk2003, Nov 30, 2004.

  1. hulk2003

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    I have a winchester model 100 in the 243 calbier the serial number is A238686 i was woundering if you could give me the value and age of this rifle
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    I can't date it but...
    Over 262,000 mfg. 1961-73 with some production occurring in Japan.
    Grading 100% 98% 95% 90% 80% 70% 60%
    $500 $450 $400 $300 $250 $230 $215

  3. Logjam

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    You know, when those Winchester 100's came out everyone was talking about them. Then someone decided that they aren't accurate and their popularity fell off.

    Their triggers aren't much to write home about, least the trigger on mine isn't.

    They don't sell well, but they do work well, as you don't have to adjust anything if you shoot 110 grain bullets and then switch to 220's. The rifle knows.

    So I like mine. It shoots better than most M1 Garands. They are fun to shoot. Hard to get magazines.

    I haven't scoped mine. I take it out and shoot beer cans with it. I'd take it hunting, but I have a nice scoped Savage 99 in .308 so why scope the 100?
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    I owned a beautiful pre 64 308 that I couldn't tame any better than 4" to 5" 100 yd groups. I almost shot the barrel out trying. If it hadn't jammed so much, I think I would have.

    That is my only personal experience with a 100. My best boyhood buddy had almost the same exact scenario. When he took his with him when he moved to Moose Pass, Alaska he had to use it as a single shot for the most part.

    I have heard of some that worked...just never saw one...
  5. Logjam

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    Re: re: value of a model 100

    Were you shooting it scoped or with the open sights? Four or 5 inches with open sights is pretty good.

    Mine doesn't jam much. Were you shooting factory or surplus ammo?

    Maybe the gas cylinder was dirty? Which leads me to a second point. Can you tell me how to field strip the thing? For the life of my I can't figure out how to break the thing down, and I'm a pretty experienced gun guy.