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Weatherby 270 vs Savage 270 vs WInchester vs Ruger 270

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This is an update on my sons 270 Weatherby Vanguard, this is now my favorite rifle. Met some buddies at the gun club for a weekend shoot and friendly competition. I entered my sons 270 and a Savage, Ruger and Winchester was entered (all in 270) wish there had been a Remington there.
To make a long story short the Weatherby shot the best groups by far (but was not shot by me), using factory 100 and 130 grain bullets. The Winchester came in 2nd place the owner shot the best groups with it and my sons weatherby, the Savage came in 3rd and then the Ruger, I shot the best group with this gun. All of these guns were new, less than 2 boxes shot through them before the competition. My favorite rifle in the competiton was the Winchester, it is a beautiful gun and it belongs to a beautiful little girl (my son doesn't think it is fair). The wood and finish was superb. The gun with the best trigger IMO is a toss up between the Weatherby and Savage and this might go to the Savage it was an even split. The smoothest action goes to the Winchester hands down.
Everyone started with a clean barrel. Everyone shot their best loads in the grains mentioned, wanted to shoot the 150's but this particular Ruger doesn't like 150's so to keep it uniform no one else shot them either. All of us shot from a Benchmaster rest and at least 1 minute between shots. All of us had fun, our boys and girls had a blast and it was good clean fun.
The kids all shot as well and that was interesting. They made the whole day so much more fun.

Will try to post some pics on the grouping competiton when I get the film developed. Yeah I am still using old technology photo equipment.
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Walmart has a winchester thats all black,the stock has padded spots for the hands.It's 270 and I can,t really afford it but before I go back to montana I may just try to get that rifle.270 is great,some folks use it for elk but I have plenty bigger caibers for that.About 6 years ago I shot a mule deer and it's not possible to die any quicker,mabe I would try elk with it,but I have 30/06 338 win mag and hopefully a 35 whelen soon.Drop-Shot
there are no padded spots on the stock other than the butt, those spots are just patterned for better grip
There is on the one I looked at.Drop-Shot
I did more than touch it I handled it,the padded front made it hold so easy.I own all makes of rifles,more remingtons than any others but that winchester was sweet to hold.Drop-Shot
ok, i thought you were talking about the one with the patterned grip areas because that is what i have in 300 WSM
It's simular but this one has a soft hand area,not rigid and not too soft but easy to grip.We are trying to save for a house in Montana but I may try to sneak that winchester in some how.My wife is a pharmacyA-Tech at walmart and we get 10% off every purchase,but she gets a reciept every month that shows what we got and the 10 % amount,so there is no way to sneak it by her,but I do need a 270 so we will see.Drop-Shot
wudjalike2no how does your winchester shoot?Are you happy with it?and would you choose another caliber?
i like it alot, i am very happy with it and i probably wouldnt choose a diferent caliber. the trigger is short and crisp, it has the smoothest action of the others in its price range and it came with a 3-9x40 scope
The one I looked at didn't have a scope and I don't remmember the price,but after the christmas rush is over I'll check it out again,The price 479.00 sticks in my mind but it could be another with that price.I can't take alot of people,I have to take zanex just to leave the house for awhile.Have you any plans to reload the 3oowsm?The only caution I have heard is with all short cases,don't underload too much,if you want lower velocitys just use a denser powder.I have so many rifles now my wife says 'you can shoot a different rifle every day for a month"she,in her lady thinking,don't realize that a man needs rifles even though he never uses them.But what do women know.Drop-Shot
i do plan on reloading for it

mine was $400-$450 i think

women are the same way with shoes, but can shoes save your life or put food on the table? not under normal circumstances
I went last night and the 270 winchester was still there.It was so busy I could not get the attention of a salseman.There is also a weatherby mark5 with 9 locking lugs in a beautiful wood stock.Compared to the synthetic stocked guns,it's heavy.They marked it down to 425.00 and when I showed a little intrest in it about a week ago,the salseman said if it don't go by christmas he will mark it down more.He said he has 2 30/06 and 300 weatherby mag,I already have a 300weatherby mag so my intrest is the 30/06.About a week ago the salseman took the box out and showed me the target that all weatherby's send with their rifles,this was way less than an inch for 3 shots,I would guess without measuring was 3/4 of an inch or mabe slightly bigger.If it's still there after christmas,I may have to get it.I'll catch hell but my 30/06 has an ear buster on it and I won't shoot it.One fellow said "ah it can't be that bad,so with just ear plugs he shot it,once,said what is wrong with this gun.I pointed to the ear buster" so I have an excuse and later I can saw off the ear buster and reface the muzzel and lapp the exit hole.I hope it's still there after a few days.Drop-Shot
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Re: re: Weatherby 270 vs Savage 270 vs WInchester vs Ruger 2

Drop-Shot said:
I'll catch hell but my 30/06 has an ear buster on it and I won't shoot it.One fellow said "ah it can't be that bad,so with just ear plugs he shot it,once,said what is wrong with this gun.I pointed to the ear buster" so I have an excuse and later I can saw off the ear buster and reface the muzzel and lapp the exit hole.I hope it's still there after a few days.Drop-Shot
That's the best name for that thing. I have the thing on my 7-30 Waters barrel. If I find a 14 or 16" plain barrel, the 14" with the break is GONE! I hate to hunt with it. I KNOW my ears will ring after I shoot something.
Grimel I have the same problem.The recoil arrestor won't unscrew so it's welded itself together,they only thread 1/2 inch 3/4 of an inch,Use a hack saw to saw the beast off,brownells sells a facing tool that flat grinds the end,then use another tool from brownells,it's a tool that put in a drill and lapp the exit hole,work in good. I lapp all my barrells and if you don't then shoot it and see how well it shoots and let us know how it is.I hate to see them on the range cause I know plenty headaches will follow.Drop-Shot
For some reason the Contender shooters seem to prefer the ear busters. The barrel is worth a lot more with than without it. I'll buy the 16" carbine barrel and sell this one for enough to cover the cost; maybe more.

It's a shame too, it will shoot 3 shot cloverleafs all day with the right idiot behind the trigger.
I bought a Tikka T3 in 270 this summer. I like to target shoot between hunting seasons and my 30-06 was beating my shoulder to death. I love the 270. It is accurate and the recoil is light compared to the -06.
Right before hunting season this year Beratta had a recall on some of the stainless barreled Tikka's and Sako's. Seems they had a problem with some of the barrels blowing up. They sent me a brand new T3 this week. Although I will not use i this hunting season, I am looking forward to getting back out shooting it.

Bill, Jr
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