What are my rifles worth?

Discussion in 'Rifle ID & Value' started by aaronalbrecht, Nov 23, 2005.

  1. aaronalbrecht

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    I have three .22 cal. rifles and I am wanting to find out their value.

    1. Winchester Model 77 22L. serial # 95727

    2. Winchester Model 72-22 short long and long rifle.(thats what is stamped on the barrel) It also has a rear peep site.

    3. H&R .22 Model 365 serial # 875 with a Lyman rear peep site.
    The model 365 was only produced from 1945-1947. During that time it had two different names. In 1945 it was called the "REG-LAR" and in 1947 it was called the "ACE".

    If anyone knows the value of any of these rifles please let me know. Thank you very much. Aaron
  2. Irish Setter

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    The model 77 would go for around $200(in very good condition)...a little more if it has a tube mag as opposed to a box mag.