What is a better caliber for target shooting?

Discussion in 'Rifle Talk' started by clayshooter25/25, Dec 4, 2004.

  1. In your opinion what is a better caliber for casual target shooting at the range, 308 or 30/06?

  2. uglydog

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    Right now I'd say the 308 as I can get surplus ammo for about a dollar per box of 20 cheaper than the 30/06 and it is closer to the weight and bullet type that I would use in the 308. Any other time it would be a toss up. In these calibers I would go with the gun I liked better or I could get cheaper.

  3. asmith5

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    For basic target shooting, I think the standard .22 caliber is the best when it comes to shooting inexpensive ammo.
  4. Drop-Shot

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    If casual I would go with a 223 or the 204,the 308 and 30/06 hurt after several shots,but the smaller calibers don't and I think that would be the determining factors.If you want a gun to target shoot and hunt with then I would choose the 308 or 30/06.If you would ever hunt any thing big,then the 30/06 out performs the 308 with bigger bullets.Just my opinion.Drop-Shot