whats a good scope to put on my marlin 30-30 ??

Discussion in 'Lever Action' started by marlin123, Jul 9, 2005.

  1. marlin123

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    im getting a marlin 30-30 4 deer hunting this year but i dont know what kind of scope i should get. :?:
  2. mike .308

    mike .308 Well-Known Member

    A 30-30 is a close range weapon used mainly in thick brush. Under these conditions a carbine lever action is ideally suited. You don't want to over scope your gun in these conditions. Your not going to be making 300 yard shots with a .270 using a bi-pod.You will be shooting in the 50-150 yard range off hand.

    I would go with a 2.5 X fixed power with plenty of eye relief for quick target acquistion. Leupold makes a scope for lever actions (M8) that is designed to be barrel mounted which provides plenty of eye relief and will work even on a 94 since it is off the receiver.

  3. uglydog

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    I have a Bushnell 1.5x4.5 variable on one of my 30/30s and a Simmons 2.5x fixed power on another. I've used the long eye relief/Scout concept on a 30/30 but did not care for it too much. I liked it on a slug gun but not so much for a rifle for some reason. In any event, a lower power scope would probably be best for usage on a 30/30.