whats the best .22 long rifle ammo?

Discussion in 'Rimfire' started by chips, Aug 2, 2004.

  1. chips

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    what do y'all think the best .22 lr ammo is?

    ive used countless different kinds of .22 ammunition, and so far CCI stingers are by far my favorite.

    last weekend i tried remington club xtra made by eley ltd. one box of 50 rounds cost me $6. they were lubricated rounds, and im willing to bet that they're very accurate. i used some out of a pistol, and they didnt seem any different than any other round. i think when i use some in a rifle i'll see a difference.

    cci shotshells are also a lot of fun. they spread out too much when fired form a pistol, but out of a rifle, they're great.
  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Out of my Remington single shot, Remington Golden Bullets; the 10/22, Federal Ultra Match; the High Standard, Remington Target and CCI Green Tag; The S&Ws, Eley Pistol. I just picked up some PMC target and so far it is looking good in the 10/22. I haven't tried it in any of the others yet, I've been too busy with work.

  3. uglydog

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    That first reply is mine, I often forget to log in when I'm at home.
  4. wwb

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    Old Ruger 10/22 (mid 1960's vintage) shoots 2 types extremely well. Eley match for one, and the cheap CCI Blazers for the second. Both group very well (about 3/4 inch at 50 yards) but the point of impact is almost an inch higher with the CCI's. after a quick evaluation of the cost difference, I decided to sight in with the CCI's and stay with them. I've tried about a dozen other types, but those two are the only ones that work.
  5. gwp4ever

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    My model 60 loves stingers. They are alot faster than normal .22 rounds and really tear up the vermin.
  6. timbertoes

    timbertoes Guest

    WOLF. 3.50 a box.

    I am not kidding you. Have shot almost every brand and type through my Marlin 882SQ.

    The wolf printed one heck of a small group at 50 yards.
    virtually no flyers. when the group is the size of a quarter(more like a nickle) or less, then the "flyers" take on a different measurment/meaning.

    after shooting the one box of 50, I immediatly went back and scarfed up the remaining Brick. :p
  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Surprising as it is I shoot the remington golden hollow pts. After many many thousand rounds being shot in several .22 Ruger pistols and rifles plus the Remington rifles I hunt with I have found they consistantly shoot tight groups. One pistol a Ruger auto with a red dot was gone through last year after 25000 to 35000 rounds. Itll still pop steel 1/4 scale targets from 15 to 75 yards. I have tryed several brands and grades of long rifle ammo and found that to get better groups a match chamber is needed.
  8. Rogmatt

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    I think the Stingers are the fastest fps 22 cal I can find. Better range.
  9. goldeyeslayer

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    CCI stinger, can't beat em
  10. IRISH9

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    I'm very impressed by the CCI stingers too, they seem to shoot well out of most guns and hit with a big wap (for a .22 lr anyhow).
    Do you get the Highland brand ammo in the US ? the centerfire ammo has been avalible here for a while but last time I went to Clayton gunshop they had a few different 22lr and mag loadings, they are AU$28 for 500 for the different LR's (that's cheap here). They are made in Europe somewhere. I will get some next week and give you all a report :) .
  11. Remington Target. One hole at 50 yards :wink:
  12. wired

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    Re: re: whats the best .22 long rifle ammo?

    You should shoot the target more than once, ya know :wink: .

    Used PMC for a while, which was very accurate. Dirtiest ammo I've ever used. From there, I went to the Remington Gold, and never looked back.
  13. moontroll

    moontroll Guest

    My marlin 880 bolt likes CCI mini mags,My Browning BL22 wont shoot anything but Eley high velocity hollow points.My marlin model 7000 auto likes Federal game shoks and Winchester power points.My CZ lutz likes CCI velocitors.
  14. Dean

    Dean Well-Known Member

    I think most everyone is saying the same thing here. Use what shoots best in what you have. My J. C. Higgins loves sitingers and my Charles Daly works best with Remington Golden bullets as does my Browing buckmark. What is really great about the round is you can afford to shoot enough variety to find what is most accurate.
  15. greensock

    greensock Guest

    My target rifle really likes the Eley ammo's, but it also shoots Federal Gold really well. Pretty inexpensive too.
  16. Paul F.

    Paul F. Guest

    Timbertoes is onto a secret with a great many very good target shooters. Wolf .22 ammo is almost universally acclaimed by the guys who use tricked out 10-22's and the like. :wink:

    My .22 pistols like CCI and my .22WMR rifle is still too young to know. I believe, however, that it really likes plain old Winchester jacketed 40 gr. rounds best. :D
  17. Zerbe

    Zerbe Super Member

    ditto on the wolf ammo. I have two brothers who have kids competing at the state level with Win 52's and had been buying wolf ammo for them for a while now. Although, I talked to my older brother over the weekend and he told be that the last time he bought a case, the price had almost doubled.

    I just got a new Browning T-Bolt over the weekend. So far, at 50yds, the Winchester X-Pert 36gr hollow points give me 3-4" groups :( and the Federal Gold Medal target gave me a little over an inch :roll: .

    I have CCI mini-mags and CCI Standard Velocity to try on the next trip.

    Of course after I try as many differents type ammo as I can find, the gun will be just be starting to be broken in and I'll have to go back and start all over again. :p
  18. Zerbe

    Zerbe Super Member

    Ok, so far, I've tried these at 50yds in the new T-Bolt.

    CCI mini-mags- make noise, poor grouping
    Rem Eley Club Elite - < 1 in.
    Federal Gold Target - seems to give me a 2 inch flyer then a 3/4in group about 1.5 inches left of where most other ammo hits.....
    Federal red box Target - about the same as the gold box
    CCI Standard Velocity - < 1 in. :)
    CCI Blazer 40gr bulk pack - < 1 in. :D

    I have been getting the occasional 2in spread when the wind kicks up. From what I read on Federal's web site, their 40gr target ammo gives you 1" wind drift in a 10mph wind.

    I'll need to repeat this whole process when the weather calms down a bit. :!: :D :!:

    Of course the groups also keep getting smaller as I get used to the trigger, gun is "breaking in", aquired a better front rest, etc....