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whats the craziest looking gun you have ever seen?

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for me it has to be almost 3 years ago when i went to nevada to visit my uncle who has a class 3 liscense n also hangs out wit lots of other class 3 dealers so anyways we went to this 1 old guys house who builds guns from scratch n he was showing off this unfinished prototype revolver which was chambered for 12 gauge shells :shock: :!: it was only a 3 shot n suppose to shoot sabot slugs but i was so amazed at the way it looked cuz the porting in the barrel was so cool looking but i jus wish it was finished cuz i wanted to shoot it so badly
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Some of those competition .22 target rifles look funny.
I'm not sure, off hand contenders would be the Steyr AUG and other bullpups, Uzi, some of the .50 BMG single shots, some trap guns with the skeleton stocks, and of course some of the 17 and 18th century blunderbusses. The ugliest gun I saw was a non-descript 22 auto whose owner replaced a broken stock using assorted boards, mainly 1x4, 2x4, and a 2x8 and then painted with spray on bedliner, the whole gun.
The_Cook is in love with the P90, I think that's one of the most futuristic, Anime meets Cyberpunk sub-machine guns out on the market. Now imagine a realy big P90 carried by a 24ft. mech. :D :D :D :!:
Just about anything that says "Benelli" on it. :? They look like 1957 Plymouths... :p :p :p
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