whats the worst gun you ever shot?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Maser, Sep 9, 2005.

  1. Maser

    Maser Super Member

    in my case it has to be this 1911 style handgun that every other shot the slide comes off on the counter-recoil :roll: not quite sure if thats safe or not but it sure is annoying :x
  2. The_Cook

    The_Cook Guest

    I only own two guns my Marlin 60 .22lr, and the Remington 700sps 30-06. both great guns.
    But at the range there are alot of nice people that let me shoot thier stuff.

    By and far I have to say I HATE snub nose revolvers. I can't hit a can of chunky soup at 10yrds.

    Come to think of it I don't like hand guns I can't shoot them.

    Except those nice .22lr target pistols. THOSE ARE SWEET!

  3. Matt67C10

    Matt67C10 Guest

    My antique American Bulldog .32 snub nosed revolver. Lots of lead blow-back, accuracy is pathetic. It's cool to shoot an antique that belonged to my wife's grandfather, though.
  4. mike .308

    mike .308 Well-Known Member

    Snub nosed .357 mag featherweight. (recoil).
  5. Drop-Shot

    Drop-Shot Super Member

    A home made 12 guage pistol,a neighbor wanted to give it to me for free,I asked why he had a swelled up lip and nose,he said the pistol gave it to me,he got it from a guy that got the same cut up lip and nose,a smart person would have said no thanks,I took it and shot it thinking I was much more stronger than the other 2 guys put together and I could control it,My lip and nose healed in time but my pride was damaged.I gave that pistol to a man at the gun range and wonder if he is still cursing me.Drop-Shot