whats your favorite small game animal to hunt?

Discussion in 'Small Game' started by Maser, Sep 27, 2005.

  1. Maser

    Maser Super Member

    in my case its squirrels cuz theres so many of em n they move so quickly n also its fun to snipe em from long distances :twisted:
  2. luv2safari

    luv2safari Moderator

    ...used to be politicians, but I got tired, turning over all those rocks... :roll: :wink:

  3. uglydog

    uglydog Super Member

    The politicians I've run across would fit the "large game" mold, those fat cat pork barrelers are much too big to put down with anything smaller than an investgative reporter (another dangerous beast).
    Instead, my favorite small game are cats. They are secretive, cagey, and darn difficult to find when you want to find one. Put some pressure on them and they get real spooky. Add to that the season is always open and getting rid of them is a real boon to the bird and small animal numbers and one can feel good about helping out the eco-system. I actually like cats and have had them as pets the vast majority of my life but feel they have their place which is within 100 yards of the house or barn. Outside of that and they are fair game. Another reason I don't like free roaming cats is I lost one of my best dogs to one; the cat came into my yard and the dog chased it out going through the "Invisible Fence" like it wasn't there. Needless to say a car hit the dog and I haven't felt the same towards roaming cats since.
  4. huntswithdogs

    huntswithdogs Moderator

    WABBITS! Me, my 2 beagles and a briar patch. One of the best ways to spend a cold,crisp Jan morning. Turn em loose and listen to em sing! Course I gotta speed them Wabbits up every chance I get, gotta keep my beagles in running shape.

    Come on November!

  5. 1gsplover

    1gsplover Super Member

    :lol: Wow, yes! Bunnies. My favorite uncle always had some good rabbit dogs, and January (after the crazy deer hunters were done for the year) was the best month of our season.
    Great memories :) :) :)
    olde pharte
  6. danurve

    danurve Guest

    I used to enjoy possum & squirrel hunting in the off season. Of course possum isn't realy game, more like varmint (or evil politician). Haven't had the extra time of the fuel funds this year.
  7. stimpylu32

    stimpylu32 Guest

    Mine would be squirrels , I like the peace and quiet of a good hardwood grove , the sound of the tree rats barking and not a care in the world . :wink:
  8. vashooter

    vashooter Well-Known Member

    Tree doggies! Squirrels are fun, relaxing, and anyone can hunt them- just pick up a cheap 22 or scattergun and take a walk in the woods. There are no $25/box of magnum bullets, no $100 "scent blocker" shirts, no $800 rifles...
    but at the same time they are truly "Treetop Teachers"- if you take your squil hunting seriously, you can learn a lot from still hunting or stand hunting the little guys. How to be patient, how to move quietly, how to scout for food sources, how to shoot accuratly from field positions, and precise bullet placement. Your best deer hunters (notice I said hunters- not just people who sit up in a tree and shoot a deer across a grain plot) are great squil hunters and vice versa. I can see a correlation between the decline in the numbers of good squirrel hunters and the demise of deer hunting as it used to be known- still hunting, tracking, walking up a buck, stalking, etc..
  9. wired

    wired Guest

    Squirrel hunting for the win! I love hunting those dang tree rats, even if it's just to watch them for a bit. They're just as much fun to watch as their city-boy relatives, but they're much more skittish, which is where all of the challenge comes from. I like taking new hunters squirrel hunting with me, because they get a taste of how truly fun it can be.

    Of course, it's also a lot easier to carry a few squirrels and what little gear you have out of the woods than it is to carry big game out along with your gear. They also fit in my little car so much easier. :wink: