Win Mdl 70 XTR Featherweight in 7mm ICL Tortilla/SOLD!

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by luv2safari, May 26, 2004.

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    THIS WAS A STEAL FOR THE INFORMED, AND ONE KNEW WHAT IT WAS...I'M GLAD A FORUM MEMBER GOT THIS RIFLE!!...L2S...This rifle was one of the last to be chambered by Saturn Custom Rifles of Reno NV. The 7mm ICL is a 7x57 Mauser blown out to a 45 degree shoulder. It develops 280 Rem velocities from the shorter case and is a wonderful light rifle for sheep hunters. This will include a set of Control bases and rings and a set of custom RCBS dies. You can shoot regular 7mm Mauser ammo.......

    $410.00 plus $25.00 SH&I to FFL dealer.

    I just have too darned many guns...! Some have to go to make room for the next batch. :wink:
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    re: Win Mdl 70 XTR Featherweight in 7mm ICL Tortilla

    Just sent you a PM about this rifle. Please respond