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Discussion in 'Winchester' started by j870sm, Jul 9, 2004.

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    Back a few years ago I told myself it would be a good idea to have a back up gun, this being one I would shoot if my main rifle went down. I found a Winchester Black Shadow and it was in my choice caliber (7mm Mag), low price tag, matte black finish with synthetic stock. I even went against my norm and chose a Simmons Aetec scope also very inexpensive to top it with. I have to say that this so called bargain rifle has turned out to be a real bargain. This is a really accurate gun and it fits my needs and handles the really hard conditions of my lease. It takes a pretty good beating riding around on the 4 wheeler. Scope and all I have less than $500.00 in the whole set up and it is a lot of bang for the bucks. I carry it exclusively now saving my "pretty rifles" for something but i don't know what. The only thing I have had done to the gun is a trigger job and that is because it definitely had a rough spot in it. Gunsmith said it was a minor defect and just overlooked. That cost nothing since I bought it from him. I have not looked at these rifles lately and not sure if they are still available but if you are in the market and need to stick to a budget this would be one to look at. The stock on the gun is pretty good and it is not cheap feeling like the stocks on the Savage's etc..
    With Rem Core Lok I get good groups out to 200 yds but better with Federal premiums, however not enough better to justify the price difference. All in all this is and has been a cheap gun to shoot. Oh Yeah, the Simmpns Aetec scope has been very good much to my surprise. It holds zero really well and has good clear and sharp optics. It is not a Leupold but it didnt cost like a Leupold either. Just thought I would throw this out and hope someone gets a good bargain as well.
  2. I got me a Super Shadow in 300 WSM with a scope under $400 like you i like mine to People give me heck about getting a bargin rifle but iI am not rich lol any way the only thing I would add is just give the gun a good look over to make sure its not damaged.