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I have a winchester model 1894 and it is chambered in 32-40 with a 26 in octagonal barrel. The gun is in 70% condition overall and is in good mechanical order. The serial numbers on the outside are printed 3005 which put it's date of manufacture at 1894.

Anybody with an estimate as to it's value would be much appreciated.

A 70% rifle (you said it had an octagon barrel, therefore it's a rifle - the carbines had round barrels only) lists at $925 in the 25th edition Blue Book. It also says to add 30% for pre-1898 manufacture, and add 20% for calibers other than .30 WCF or .32 Win Spl.

70% is a pretty good-looking gun; make sure you have the condition judged properly. Also, any special features such as a tang sight, non-standard length barrel, set trigger, pistol grip, fancy wood, etc would add considerably to the value IF you have a factory letter stating that the extra features were original to the gun

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