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Based on the serial no, it's a 1958 gun. Here's what the 25th edition (last year's) of the blue book says:

100% - $500
98% - $450
95% - $415
90% - $385
80% - $350

Unless you really know how to evaluate a gun's condition, your 99% estimate is probably high. At 99%, you would have to inspect it very carefully to find ANY indication that it was not brand new.

Any slight loss of bluing on the sharp edges of the receiver, the lever and trigger guard, barrel bands or the muzzle crown makes it a 98% (or lower) gun.

Any burrs on the screwheads (indicating they've been removed improperly) usually knocks it down to 95% or lower.

The condition of the wood, though less important, can also play a part - if the metal portion of the gun is pristine, the wood had better be, as well - if not, look for telltale signs of refinishing; and a refinished gun has ZERO collector value... it's a $200 shooter, provided it has a good bore.
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