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Winchester pump

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I'm looking at an old Winchester model 1906 pump .22 lr, 10 round tube, it's very well used and a nice "old brown" all over but in good nick as far as shootability is concerned.
It belongs to a friend of a friend and I have to make him an offer, what sort of price should I offer for it ? what do they normaly sell for in the dealers ?

ps gun prices here seem to be about the same as the US, just in Aussie dollers :wink: .
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Hi Irish--

Whenever I'm not sure of a value I take a stroll thru,, and gunsamerica to see what they're going for. Of course, you have to interpret the auctions a bit. Many times I see the asking prices are quite a bit higher than they ought to be. But it does give you sort of a frame of reference to work with.

I've long since decided never to sell a gun to a friend or even the friend of a friend unless he or she absolutely begs me--buying from a friend is a bit different however. If I were doing it, I think I'd actually not dicker over the price at all, just pay whatever the owner's asking. Sometimes the gun turns out not to be such a great deal, and I've seen a couple of friendships strained to the breaking point over a gun sale. Hasn't happened to me, but that's because I try not to sell to friends.

Of course, there's that wise old adage: "If you can't screw your buddy, who can ya screw?" :lol: :? :lol:

Good luck with it--sounds like a great rifle!
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Thanks for that advice Jeff, I will have a look at those sites.
I know what you mean about dealing with friends, best to tred with caution :wink: .

ps tried to post this morning but the site went kaput and lost my post :x so the above is the short version :lol: .
Gee, the rather politically correct language buffer keeps changing innocent words to other, very odd ones. Where my post above used a word beginning with a "D" that means to quibble over a price, it changed it to "goober." (It was short for "Richard with an "er" on the end). :lol:
Hmm, on gunbroker they had a few for around $500 US I finaly got a price from him and he want's around $1500 for it :shock: , I think not :wink: I'll find one in a gunshop one day.
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