Wolves being reintroduced

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    I don't know if that would be true or not. Seems a strange way to go about it though. Personally....and I'm sure it's the minority view.....but I favor reintroduction like they did in Yellowstone. I live in Pa. and have run into bobcats and found tracks from the larger cats that the Game Commission now admits there are a few of running around. Some say there are a few wolves in the Northern tiers but I can't substansiate that. I think it's neat to think we could have long lost species running around out there with us.

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    Always take newspaper reporting with a grain of salt. They may be planning to reintroduce them in New England, but there's at least one factual error in the story.... the article says they were reintroduced in Minnesota, among other places.

    I beg to differ - northern Minnesota (where I was born and raised) was the only place in the lower 48 where the grey wolf was never eliminated. In fact, Minnesota wolves were used for Upper Michigan and Wisconsin reintroduction programs.

    I know it's a touchy (in fact, often irrational) topic, but I've lived with them all of my nearly 60 years, and in a wilderness area, I think they're a vital part of the ecosystem. The problem arises when they get into a farming/ranching area and come into contact with livestock - that's not a natural situation, and I'm not sure how to handle it