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wouldn't that be.... overkill?

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I was just flipping through a small game hunting book I picked up at the library. Granted, the copyright was in 1989, so a lot of the rifle/cartridge data was a bit outdated. The author almost completely neglected rimfire rifles for small game. He mentioned them a few times, but always said they were too low-powered to do it right. He was advocating the centerfire .22's at least. I don't know about you guys, but I consider even a .223, not to mention some of the others, quite a bit of overkill on cottontails and tree rats.

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For Cottontails, Snowshoe Hares, & Squirrels, there just ain't nothin' better than a good .22 LR. PERIOD !!!

The guy that wrote that article is probably one of those goofballs who advocates a .338 Mag for whitetails.
I don't know how long the overpowered rifle thing has been going on, but this was back in '89. Maybe he's the one that started the field artillery for whitetail thing. I know a guy that won't hunt whitetail with anything smaller than a .375 H&H mag :shock: . He's a bit of a strange old guy, though. I was talking to my dad about the book, and his eyes got about as big as I've ever seen them. His initial reaction was that something like a .223 would make a cottontail (let alone a SQUIRREL) explode unless you were using FMJ ammo, which is illegal to hunt with here.
While I don't agree with the writer that you should only use centerfire 22's for small game,but if head shots were used I reckon it'd be alright. Kinda messy and expensive though.
Don't much beat a rimfire on squills and bunnies.I use a 22mag and a 22lr. Those new 17's oughta be pretty good also.

I have long considered a 22hornet to be a nice addition for me & my corner of the woods. For now the 22mag covers my bases when it comes to small game & critters. I squirrel hunt with it, fox hunt, rabbit - varmints. The range is a limiting factor but so what. It is the answer for lower report with some balls behind the shot. :arrow:
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