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my father is wanting to sell his lever action 303 savage.
No this is not a 303 british round it was the first production round made by savage and was their contender for the 30-30 and 32 winchesters.
Factory loads at that time were capable of pushing 2000 fps with a 190 grain silver tips. These velocities edged out the 30-30 and 32 factory loads at that time with only a 180 grain round.

see my post on savage rounds in the chat boards for more info and pics of the actual round.

the riffle itself would be considered in fairly good condition 70 to 80 percent with the exception of a few mars that have been on it since purchased over 50 years ago.

it has a small impression mark on the left side of the but stock and a impression mark on the right side of the reciever. my dad states it appears somone tried to clamp it in a vise but there is no mark on the left side so we are unsure as to chat actually caused the mark.

these are only cosmetic and do not effect the funtionality of the riffle. if it was not for these 2 marks i would definatly claim it to be 80 percent.

this is also a takedown model. open the action then turn barrel 1/4 turn to remove barrel.
To remove the forarm unlike most savage takedowns it has a metal thumb slide. most only had a pop on catch like a break action shotgun

it has the pin at the back of reciever that pops up when cocked
this was a feature added in 1905

if you would like to research the gun the serial is 997xx.
anything with less than a 90000 production number is unshootable due to the fact the reciever can crack on the rear left side of breach (per shooters digest manual)

most manuals will also give you a grade of a-g for production savages so you would be looking at a savage 99a, 99b, 99c and so on

this particular model does not have a grade it just states savage model 99
the barel states 303 savage and Savage Express Steel

to the best of my knowledge this is a low production number made in 1905 with the pop up cocking indicator.

still researching it further as every source i have came across states it should have a grade a-g

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wow i forgot this thread was still around. i have only seen one other rifle like this but it was not quite like this
it was newer and it was a 30.06
it was missing a big chunk of the stock by the reciever but in clean condition
it also had the pop on forarm not the one with a metal catch like this one
they were asking 569.00 for it

i would have to have you talk to my dad if he even still wants to sell it. and if so what he would want for it.
p.m. me with your email addy and i can send some pictures from my yahoo account
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