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your most accurate rifle

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What is the most accurate (out of the box) rifle you ever bought, mine is my browning a-bolt stalker in .308
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My most accurate 7mm mag out of the box is a Remington.
My most accurate 30-06 is an old 760.
Now I have a Browning A-bolt Stainless in 7mm Ultra and 300 ultra and both of these have the boss and they are extreme.

However, the most accurate of all right out of the box with absolutely no fine tuning of anything is a Rem. 700 Senderro in 22-250 and another one in .223 that is close.
Remington Mohawk 600 in .243

1/2 moa out of the box.

my 700bdl 7 mm rem mag
and my 270 ss mod 70 win is a tack driver.
id have to say my winchester model 70 270 with a redfield widefield 2x-7x with a bipod, but i just got my new b.a.r. today in a 30/06, it should be a good contender, im using iron sights, but with iron sights, im a dead eye 8)
Sako Varmint/Benchrest 6mm PPC. It will average .400" 5 shots at 100 yards with factory Sako ammo. :D
a single shot .223 bullbarrel HR handi rifle, it's a tack driver
My 300 mag custom built Remington Sendero and my Browning A-bolt stainless stalker in .270 win.
Sako Varmint/Benchrest model single shot heavy barrel in 6mm PPC. 8)
Original style Ruger M77 (tang safety) in .30-'06. Handloads - 56.5 grains of H4350 and a 165 grain Sierra Game King, CCI primer, Remington brass. It'll shoot 3/4 inch 5 shot groups all day long.
I sure wish I could shoot 3/4 inch groups with a 30 caliber,I don't know if it's me or the guns I own but 1 1/2 to 2 inch groups from a bench rest at 100 yards is all this 51 year old can do.My 243 Browning BLR shoots 2 inches with hand loads,and all 30 calibers shoot 1 -1/2 inch groups,mabe it's my eyes,I almost never miss game,but to sight in,but I just can't shoot 3/4 inch groups.Any help?Drop-Shot
Drop Shot -
You may find that it's the ammunition; every rifle has a "sweet spot" load. In the case of my old Ruger '06, if I bump that powder charge up to 58 grains of H4350 from 56.5, I get 1-1/2 to 2 inch groups. And 59 grains is the max load - I haven't tried it, and probably never will.

If you get into handloading, you'd be amazed at what you can do. I can get just under 2 inch groups with a Marlin .30-30 carbine with the right load - change the load, or shoot factory ammo, and it's 3 to 4 inch groups... same rifle, same range, same shooter.
wwb thanks for the info but the embarresing thing is I do reload ,I use IMR 4350,does powder get too old? I bought a case of this during the 70's and I wonder if thats it?I would have to go back to Montana to the storage place in Helena,but I think it's 56.5 gr IMR 4350,180 gr nosler partition.I spent all day loading just my older ruger 30/06,and if I remmember right,If I went 57gr my group worsened,but at 56 gr I felt even though the group got tighter,the velocity suffered.I have not reloaded since Montana cause there are too many hunters here,I'll wait till I get back to montana,mabe I'll try some4064 I still have.All my powder is old,should that matter?They are sealed containers,I have unique,all from the middle 70's.I probely need to go get my reloading stuff and hit the rifle range here in Washington.Drop-Shot
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wwb,what is your thoughts on a barrel compensator,are they worth the extra noise and cost?Drop-Shot
Are you talking about something like the BOSS ? It comes in ported and non-ported versions; the non-ported is no louder than a normal barrel.

They work by tuning the barrel to the load... what wwb was talking about is the opposite - tuning the load to the barrel. Either way will get the job done.

I think they look strange on the end of an otherwise sleek, traditional rifle... they would look right at home on the end of an M16, though.
I agree,they break up good lines on a gun,people around you will hate you for the noise.I'd rather have the kick.Untill my back heals from this last back surgery I can't shoot anything any way.If I go back to Montana this year for elk I am going to use handguns.I can't walk far any way.Thanks for the help guys but all my 30 calibers shoot 1 1/2 to 2 inches.I have a 300 savage in a remington 700ADL and It shoots 1inch groups but the gun I spent the most money on won't do it yet!The 300 is great for deer but not too great on elk,I hade one run across the hogback mountain tract,About 4 miles as the crow flies till he blead out.The150 gr went through the lungs but not much damage.many thanks for the help.Drop-Shot
Remington 700 .30-06. This is my only rifle thus is my most accurate, but I have gotten some very nice groups with it.

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